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Unbelievable! This pair is extremely large, even larger than your face. Like wear a pair of slipper on your ear. OMG. Pictures look good and I have been so looking forward to them. However, I am gonna return the earrings.

soft pop

It feels really cool!


I revived a different pair of earrings then the ones pictured, but I loved them anyway. I was unsure if I would like them because if the size, that wasn’t the case. They are light fluffy and fun I enjoyed wearing them. I got a bunch of compliments.

nice earrings

nice earrings

Dusty Rose Mink Pom Pom Earrings
In love

So worth it and beautiful, I'm totally obsessed.


Saw these at an event and subsequently ordered some. They are very original, chic and fun.

Love these!

This color is great and I can't get enough of these pom pom earrings. I get compliments every time I wear these.


Perfect size and really cute color. I was worried that they would be too big but they turned out to be just right!

Lilac Enamel Bracelet Set
Nicest bracelet I ever have

good quality and nice color. love this gold and the shipping was fast

Lilac Enamel Bracelet Set
Wonderful bracelet with awesome color

the color is subtle and the design is really nice

lovely red color

This earrings are really nice in shape! added a glow to me. will reorder it in the future.

fantastic for party

great color and design for party. love it.

Love the deal and design

I really like it. gave it to my sister as her birthday gift. Love it.

fantastic earrings

good price and good quality. will repurchase it. love the size. will be a good choice for gift.





Neat design and fast shipping

Ordered it for my birthday. simple and nice design. love it so much.

Nice shiny earrings

really nice shinny earrings add a glow to me! LOVE IT gonna reorder it soon!


love this gorgeous yellow and material. It's so soft and brights my whole day! the shipping is really fast tho.

really cute earrings

this is the gift for my best friend and she loves it!

love this color yellow and size

this yellow looks really cool and interesting. the size is also small enough for me1

great earning with great price

its on sale and with simple color and design. must have it!! definitely worth the price

love this great design

love this color, pink and black. very eye-catchy and fun

amazing color

amazing color with great material. Very detailed and awesome quality.

Lavender Mink Double Pom Pom Earrings
Wonderful Pom earring

Great color and soft material. Really good quality and design!

Love this collection!

I’m a big fan of Tuleste and I’m glad that they keep their quality over the years!!


Go for it. I finally went through the purchase after hesitating for a day and I’m so glad I did. They’re my essentials now and I want more!!!!

My daughter loves these!

I got these for my daughter as her birthday gift. She couldn’t stop talking about it.

I went crazy on these!!

Best accessories buy I got for this year. I’m ready for more!

Simple and beautiful design

I got a lot of compliments on these. Perfect size and unique style.

Wonderful gift and fast shipping

I was short on time picking a gift for a very good friend of mine. It took less time than I thought and my friend adores them!!

So pretty!!!!!

Very satisfied. I got my pair a couple days ago and I’ve been given compliments NONSTOP!!

Everything’s on point

I haven’t had such a satisfying purchase for a while. Stunning design with unique color and the size is just perfect!

Absolutely gorgeous !!

I got these as gift from my friend and love them. Ordered 2 more pairs today LOL.

My sister loves them

Got those for my little sis and she loves them!

Lovely pink feather earrings

I don’t have a lot of pink accessories but I’m so glad I got these!

Chic and fab!

These are absolutely fabulous. They go especially well with my dark dresses but of course that’s just me.

Now I know why my friend loves these so much <3

Arrived today (fast shipping btw) after I heard about my friends talking about Tuleste and ordered a pair. They are light and exquisite definitely worth it.

Happy with my purchase

Got some inquiries from my bestie ; )

Cutest color EVER!!!!

They’re even cuter than how they look in the picture and the metal part feels great!

Much prettier than I expected

I knew that they’d be good but didn’t expected them to be this pretty.

Amazing earrings!!

These earrings are AMAZING. I was worried that the metal part will be too heavy but they’re actually comfortable to wear. Not to mention they are FABULOUS.

Fast shipping and the feathers are so soft

The feathers feel really nice and full. They look exactly like the picture and I’m glad I got them earlier than I thought. Just in time for my house warming party!!

Great great gift!!

Had trouble finding a gift for my boyfriend’s sister until I saw these. She wears them all the time now!

Very unique color

This my first pair of green earrings. At first, I wasn’t sure about it cause I usually go with basic colors like black and silver but these turned out to be one of my favs now!

Everything I wanted them to be

I’ve had cheap peacock feather earrings before and you can definitely tell the difference. These are really nice quality and the colors are full but not fake.

Peacock feather forever!!!

I’ve been looking for peacock feather earrings for a while and they are adorable! I own a few pairs of feathers earrings and this pair is definitely top 3!

Attention catcher for sure.

My first try on feather earrings and had a great experience with these little cutties!!

Stunning earrings I love them!!

Very elegant. Perfect for everyday and parties!!

The feathers are really nice quality.

Bought them to treat myself. Love the way they feel and it’s easier to match with my outfits than expected!